The BATTLE OF CAMDEN event is a non-profit organization for advocacy, promotion and production of quality American Colonial and Revolutionary era living history events. Leveraging reenactors, demonstrators, merchants, and artisans, authors,  provides living history experiences that educate, entertain, and inspire the public.

Our board consists of seasoned reenactors, tour guides, living history experts who have been increasingly dismayed by the lack of student, and adult, understanding of the birth of our Nation. In addition to hands on demonstrations of colonial and revolutionary war era lives of citizens and soldiers alike Liberty LiveSM provides a fundamental understanding of the Declaration of Independence and circumstances that lead to our break with Great Britain. Using the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights, our presentations are designed to integrate active student participation and make the message of Liberty relevant and easily applicable to today’s world on a community, national, and global scale. Inspiring students and adults to understand the ongoing American Experiment and the documents that provided foundational American ideals makes for better, more informed citizens. 

Battle of Camden is a 501c3 designation with the federal government and is currently registered with the SC Sec. of State’s officer as a non-profit organization and has permission from the SOS Charities Division to solicit for donations.


In June, 2020, the Patriot and British Commanders, and Director of Demonstrators and Merchants elected to separate completely from the event site at Historic Camden. Forming a non-profit, Battle of CamdenSM, the new board is pleased to announce a new location and new management for Battle of Camden 2020 so our reenactment will continue, grow, and improve. 

Held the first full weekend of November, (November 6-8, 2020), our event has expanded to welcome school field trips to a pre-event educational program on Friday. The general public is will still be invited to visit on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7th and 8th.) 

And of course, our Invite a Patriot to DinnerSM program is an entertaining, informative, and FUN customized event suitable for any adult gathering or party. We guarantee an EXPLOSIVE adventure, local black powder ordinances not withstanding!